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Treehouses 2013: “Treehouse Masters” episode 1 trailer is online!

Posted by on May 8, 2013

The “Treehouse Masters trailer” is now online! Get a sneak peak at the first episode set to air on the Animal Planet on May 31. ┬áThis treehouse really has all of the bells and whistles!

15 Responses to Treehouses 2013: “Treehouse Masters” episode 1 trailer is online!

  1. Vickie

    Looking for a place to build? I have a 20 acre ranch on mountain top I would love to see a zip line on?

  2. treehousenationcom

    Thanks for checking in on TreehouseNation! I’m happy to find out about your site and more treehouse people! Mike

  3. treehousenationcom

    Lucky you! Where is your mountain and what kind of trees do you have there?

  4. Vickie Sands

    Zelmergobi : Our Mt located in Northeast New Mexico, the trees are pine, some oak, juniper, pinion. Mike Thanks enjoyed checking out site.

  5. Mark Garvey

    This is quite exciting…I can’t wait for the first episode to get some ideas! Have a 200 acre tree farm in AL where I’ve created ponds and built a cabin lining the inside walls with the cleared wood. I’ve got a 10 year old (Gracie) that would love to have her own dwelling in the trees! Garv

  6. treehousenationcom

    Hi, and thanks for checking out! To get information on how to promote your property for the show, go to and follow the links in the article. Good luck!

  7. treehousenationcom

    Hi, and thanks for checking out! Go to and follow the links in the article to get information on how to promote your property for the show. Good luck!

  8. Linda wishard

    We live in Redding ca. Would love a tree house in back yard for Miss Audrey. How much do they cost we are retired. We have large Oak trees in back. Would love if grandma could get in it also. Haha. Have a great show we well be watching.

  9. Courtney

    We don’t have acres of land… only a small backyard. But it would be cool to have a treehouse since I have never had one before.

  10. treehousenationcom

    Thanks for contacting! There is no simple answer to your question about costs. Depending on what you want, tree houses can cost as little as a few thousands dollars to over $250,000 for something you can live in. The average basic kids treehouse costs between $5,000 and $15,000. The factors that most affect cost are size, height from the ground, quality of finishing details, the grade of materials, and the cost of getting utilities to the area. Please let me know if you have any specific ideas in mind and we can determine a more specific price range for your needs. Thanks!

  11. treehousenationcom

    Thanks for contacting! Backyards can present a problem depending on local building codes and proximity to your neighbors. I would suggest contacting your local building department to check on the requirements for your area. Good luck and I hope you it works out for you!

  12. Vickie Sands

    Checked things out and I c a n do for less than two thousand. Thanks for the information.

  13. Martha Moore

    I LOVE your show. You and your crew are nothing short of genius. Just wish we had a place for one of your masterpieces. Awesome work!
    Martha Moore

  14. Michael Crocker

    I have a huge Deodar Cedar in the yard of my small house in Albany Oregon. I would love to put a tree house add-on in that tree. The tree is about 4′ at the stump. The true top is gone about 20′ up forming a platform, and has huge 3-4′ limbs coming out and turning straight up to about 80′.

  15. treehousenationcom

    Hi and thanks for contacting treehouse nation! It sounds like you have an excellent tree for a treehouse. Could you send some photos from several different directions so I can get a better idea of what you have? Thanks!