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What we do!

Treehouse Nation presents interesting and useful information about trees, treehouses, builders, design, resources, and education.  Treehouse Nation will work with you to plan and design your new treehouse in a virtual model of your tree(s) using technologic! We can partner with the best treehouse builders and engineers to make your dream a reality!   I welcome your comments and ideas and hope you enjoy your visit! Thanks for dropping in!

10 Responses to What we do!

  1. mickey kapoor

    hello i have 2 son 5 year and 6 year they loved to have tree house tell me what i have to do

  2. darin cates

    I was pleased to see the employees in the shop wearing eye and hearing protection. Not many tv series set a good example like your crew has!

  3. treehousenationcom

    Thanks for contacting Treehouse Nation! Those are great ages for a treehouse! Are you planning to learn how and build one yourself, or do you need information on how to have a treehouse custom built?

  4. treehousenationcom

    Hi Beth. It’s very easy to get started with a treehouse, which we can do in phases. The first phase always includes a site visit to evaluate the trees and space and to discuss design ideas. If you can provide photos of the trees you have in mind, and the type of treehouse, it would be possible to give you an idea of the costs. Thanks! Mike at Treehouse Nation.

  5. Richard

    I would like to know where to buy some of the equipment you use to build these various treehouses. I’m mostly interested in getting the metal steel rods you use to hold the floor joist up?

  6. Charlene Narciso

    Hi. We live in the northeast and have a 5 year old girl who would love a treehouse. unfortunately, her dad (my husband) has Parkinson’s Disease. Is there a tree house layout available to incorporate special needs so that they can enjoy it together?Thanks!! P.S.: I am the little girl who wants a treehouse. I really love your show. (From grace)

  7. B

    I’m a virtual administrative assistant focusing on subcontracting office services to small businesses. My dream is to build a treehouse for a small office but most of an area to bring family together for fun on our family farm. I’d love to be able to connect with teahouse builders across the nation to see how my services can help both of us to success.

    Collette Schultz
    608 853 1435

  8. taylor mills

    hi my name is taylor mills and I have a lot of trees and the property I have a 11 year old and a 14 year old and we have been wanting a tree house if I can send you phots of them can you help …

  9. treehousenationcom

    You can find everything you need right here:

  10. treehousenationcom

    Hi Taylor, we would be happy to talk with you about your treehouse dreams! Where is your property located? It would be great if you could send some photos. Thanks for contacting us!