Treehouses 2014: Portable treehouses. Take it with you!

blissfully suspended in the trees!
The Treepee


Luminair treetent

Luminair treetent interior

Luminair treetent interior

Luminair treetent


Tentsile's treetent
Tentsile’s treetent
Check out these additional photos!!
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Treehouses 2014: Scale model treehouses now available!

3D printed model of the Deer Haven Treehouse

3D model of Treehouse created by Ascension Studios

How about a model of your Treehouse to help visualize your project while planning or as a keepsake to display in your  finished Treehouse. John Shulters at Ascension Studios can now make your vision come to life in 3D!  Ascension Studios is partnering with Treehouse Nation to create a model of your dream treehouse. Let me know if you have questions about your treehouse and modeling, or you can contact John at Ascension studios if you want to know more about this exciting opportunity.  You have a choice of sizes and finishes depending on your needs.  Check it out!
deer haven farms treehouse

The 3D Treehouse model can be disassembled to observe the interior details.

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Treehouses 2014: Treehouse Masters season 2 begins on Friday, January 10!

brewpub treehouse

brewpub treehouse

Get ready for season 2 of Treehouse Masters!  Pete Nelson and his top notch crew will be creating some incredible treehouses for your viewing enjoyment!  ”Watch as the team of “Treehouse Masters” goes back-to-the-basics and revisits their wildest moments, hardest challenges, and most spectacular builds in the premier episode for season 2″ (animal planet). Be sure to check your local listings for the viewing time in your area. Check out all of the treehouse master specials that are being shown on January 10!

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Treehouses 2014: Happy New Year!!!

Treehouses 2014

Treehouses 2014

Looking for an exotic treehouse adventure in 2014?  Perhaps you should check out the Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort overlooking the South China Sea. The resort provides a scenic and meditative retreat among the sprawling tamarind trees. Guests can swim in the warm waters or slide down sand dunes towards the beach below.  The resort is located near a Buddhist retreat and park complete with temples, pagodas and botanical gardens.



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Treehouse Christmas! Animal Planet special tonight at 9 pm!

ornamenttreehouseA brand new, pre-season special called “Santa’s Workshop” will air tonight on the Animal Planet…that’s Monday, December 23 at 9 p.m. (be sure to check local listings for the time in your zone)

“Just one day of Christmas cheer isn’t enough for a real-life Santa and Mrs. Claus, who celebrate the season 365 days a year in Southern California. Old St. Nick and the missus call on ‘Treehouse Masters’ to spruce up their yard with some holiday magic,” Animal Planet said in a release.

Nelson creates a treehouse workshop complete with Santa’s red chair, a naughty-or-nice drawbridge, a secret elf trap door, a candy cane and holly access bridge and some miracle Christmas snow in the California desert.

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Ultimate Treehouses on Animal Planet wants your treehouse for the show!

Deer Haven Farms finished Treehouse visualization by Ascension Studios

Pete Nelson’s Deer Haven Farms Treehouse visualization by Ascension Studios

Do you think your treehouse has what it takes to be featured on Animal Planet’s Ultimate Treehouses? Then, we want to see it!

Producers want to see your treehouse work of art! Everything from sky-high treehouse mansions to quaint cottages in the trees to a pimped out fort for the kids and everything in between. If you are in the Seattle area ( or within 200 mile radius of Seattle) and want the chance to show Pete Nelson your treehouse and be featured on Ultimate Treehouses, please send the following info ASAP:

City, State
A brief backstory of your treehouse
Recent photos of your treehouse

Email to

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Treehouses 2013: Treehouse Masters second season to premiere on January 10, 2014!

The premiere episode of Treehouse Masters, season 2, with Master Pete Nelson will air on Friday, January 10. We’ve all been anxiously awaiting the start of the new season. It was also announced that Pete will host a pre-season special on December 23 featuring a project he did for Santa Claus! Read all about the new season 2 and the Christmas special HERE!  You can also check out all of the amazing treehouses from season 1 HERE on the Animal Planet.

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Treehouses 2013: Annual tour of treehomes at Finca Bellavista!

December 8 is the date for Finca Bellavista’s annual treehome tour in Costa Rica. It’s not too late to get there if you’d like to help them kick off the beginning of summer! Check it out HERE on the Coconut Network!  

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Treehouses 2013: World Treehouse and Zipline Conference, October 3-5, 2013

The World Treehouse and Zipline Conference was once again held at Michael Garnier’s wonderful treesort, Out ‘n About Treehouses.

Michael Garnier and Bill Taha demonstrate TAB accessories

Michael Garnier and Bill Taha demonstrate one type of treehouse support brace

This conference provides a once a year opportunity for everyone from novice to professional to get together to share and learn the latest about treehouse and zipline design and construction.  You can stay in one of Michael’s famous treehouses or campout.  This wonderful venue, the great food, and interesting people make this an outstanding event! John Shulters, president of Ascension Studios, gave an all day workshop on using technologic for treehouse design.  John presented easy to use photographic equipment and techniques that can be used to create digital 3D images of trees, which can in turn serve as the foundation for the treehouse designing process.  This creates a scale accurate framework for using various 3D modeling programs such as Sketchup and 3DSMax  to design your treehouse. There were additional workshops and presentations on tree climbing skills and equipment, tree health evaluations, and treehouse building hardware. Put the WTZC on your calendars now for October 2014!

John Shulters presenting the technologic workshop at the WTZC 2013

John Shulters presenting the technologic workshop at the WTZC 2013

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Treehouses 2013: Treehouse interview with Pete Nelson and Kevin Mooney: “An Adult spin on a childhood favorite”

The treehouse master, Pete Nelson, and Kevin Mooney are interviewed about their favorite topic by Brian Bull of WCPN. Listen to the complete interview on KGOU Oklahoma. The interview points out just how popular treehouse resorts are becoming and how pleasantly surprised people are when they see them!  Here’s alist of some of some wonderful treehouse resorts for your consideration!

Eureka Springs resort

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