Treehouse Nation works with the Treehouse Guys in the Redwoods episode!

What a great time I had  working with B’fer, KaV, and Clint in the beautiful Northern California Redwoods building the Hobbit Treehoust for Gay and Mark!  You can see the complete episode on the DIY network on the “Treehouse Guys”.


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The “Honeycomb” treehouse!

Imagined and designed by Treehouse Nation and built by the artisans at Creative Carpentry, Tolson Construction and Murphy’s Touch!  Structural by Greenwood Engineering.



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Take your treehouse on the road!

If  you like being in the trees,  you might want to check out tentsile for your next camping trip!

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Teagan’s treehouse…start to finish!

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Teagan gets her dream treehouse!!!

Treehouse Nation’s secret treehouse is revealed and Teagan gets her wish granted! Amazingly, we were able to keep the treehouse build a secret, thanks to the help of Teagan’s parents, until Make-A-Wish surprised Teagan with a video reveal during their big event  in Sacramento.  We were then able to watch as she arrived at the house to see it in person for the first time. What an amazing moment that was! We had 5 straight days available to complete the treehouse before the Make-A-Wish reveal.  Our project coordinator, Tricia, from MAW was fantastic! A huge thank you to John, Crystal, Eric, Jonny, Doug, Tim, Kevin, Danny, and Misha for making it happen! We couldn’t have built this great treehouse without the generous contributions from Berco Redwood and the folks at Under the Arbor. Congratulations Teagan!!!

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California vineyard treehouse is a wrap!!

Here I am with the proud owner of this awesome treehouse! We had a few last minute details to complete and now it’s time to enjoy it!


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Treehouses 2014: World Treehouse and Zipline Conference, October 9-12, 2014

The World Treehouse and Zipline Conference will once again be held at Michael Garnier’s wonderful treesort, Out ‘n About Treehouses in Cave Junction, OR.

Michael Garnier and Bill Taha demonstrate TAB accessories
Michael Garnier and Bill Taha demonstrate one type of treehouse support brace

This conference provides a once a year opportunity for everyone from novice to professional to get together to share and learn the latest about treehouse and zipline design and construction.  You can stay in one of Michael’s famous treehouses or campout.  This wonderful venue, the great food, and interesting people make this an outstanding event! John Shulters, president of Ascension Studios, will present an all day workshop on using technologic for treehouse design.  John presents easy to use photographic equipment and techniques that can be used to create digital 3D images of trees, which can in turn serve as the foundation for the treehouse designing process.  This creates a scale accurate framework for using various 3D modeling programs such as Sketchup and 3DSMax  to design your treehouse. Mike Shulters from Treehouse Nation will demonstrate treehouse design technique using 3D modeled trees.  There will be additional workshops and presentations on tree climbing skills and equipment, tree health evaluations, and treehouse building hardware. Register now!

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Sonoma County vineyard treehouse is ready!!

After 15 days of building with the great crew from Treetop Builders and Murphy’s Touch, Inc.,  Treehouse Nation’s design has turned into reality!! It has really been a wonderful two weeks on-site with the hospitality and assistance from the ranch folks as well as others. Building a treehouse this cool is quite a journey with many people contributed along the way to assure success.  Thanks to everyone!!

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Wine country treehouse detail work underway and we’re nearing completion!

Here are the latest photos of our progress on the treehouse and platform.  We’ve had a lot of different things going on at the same time as we move closer to completion of this awesome project. Railing and siding details, wood stove installation, shingles, painting windows and doors, and trim work.  We’ll  be wrapping it up over the next couple of days!

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The wine country treehouse is taking shape!!

With the treehouse platform in place, our focus is now on the treehouse and railing.  The crowsnest platform is in place 15 feet above the main platform and it’s access ladder is being built.  Rain started during the night and has continued this morning. Our excitement for rain in California made this little bit of inconvenience well worth it! Take a look at our progress:

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